What Makes Us

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate what makes us who we are. It’s when we can bring our cultures together and share in the traditions that set us apart—and the values that unite us. Every table is unique, every recipe is unique, and every Thanksgiving is another chance to expand our table.

Julie Rose’s Empanadas and Holly’s Dumplings

Julie Rose is proud of her Hispanic culture, and she expresses this pride every Thanksgiving with her signature dish—her family's empanadas. As for Holly, she's made this dumpling recipe since she was a little girl, when she first was tasked with simply rolling out the dough. Both of these foods are similar in look and texture, so will these cooks be able to adapt to something that feels familiar but isn't?

Julie Rose’s Empanadas

Empanadas are such an important dish to the Hispanic community, and Julie Rose’s family knows this. They’ve made this empanada recipe for years and are excited to share their Puerto Rican heritage with us. Try it for your family’s Thanksgiving table.

Holly’s Dumplings

Holly’s family doesn’t let a single Thanksgiving pass without making dumplings. This recipe is so important to her family, she remembers everyone forming an assembly line to make the dumplings when she was just a little girl. Try this fun recipe for your Thanksgiving table this year.

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