What Makes Us

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate what makes us who we are. It’s when we can bring our cultures together and share in the traditions that set us apart—and the values that unite us. Every table is unique, every recipe is unique, and every Thanksgiving is another chance to expand our table.

Miranti’s Indonesian-Style Upside-Down Pumpkin Tart and Tonia’s Pumpkin Pie

Miranti is proud of her Indonesian heritage. An experienced chef, she relishes sharing her culture through her food, and her Indonesian-style upside-down pumpkin tart is one delicious way to do that. Tonia, a grandmother of ten, is no stranger to cooking comfort food to keep a hectic Thanksgiving day enjoyable. She’s done it so many times that she guarantees her classic pumpkin pie is top—notch. So how will these seasoned chefs handle each other’s detailed recipes?

Miranti’s Indonesian-Style Upside-Down Pumpkin Tart

Pumpkin spice originated in Indonesia, and as someone with a proud Indonesian heritage, Miranti has been working with the spice her entire life. She knows all the tricks of the trade to make a great Indonesian pumpkin spice dish! Try this recipe to see for yourself.

Tonia’s Pumpkin Pie

What’s better than a classic pumpkin pie? Tonia’s classic pumpkin pie. Tonia has tested and perfected her Thanksgiving dishes on all of her grandkids, and that especially goes for the star of the show: pumpkin pie. Try this perfect pie recipe for your Thanksgiving table this year.

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